After the Climb I think this is the best song that Miley sang. She really put real emotion on the song and these is actually the theme song of her upcoming movie The Last Song with her new boyfriend according to some news but I really don't care. I also heard that she's leaving Hannah Montana because she thought that she's too old for the character which I agree. People might give her a break and let her act mature and lady like.

The song is When I Look at You very sentimental and emotional. Teens may like the song since its a beautiful love song for lovers. And I don't know if Miley can sing this one LIVE.

Julia Sheer - she really got a nice superb voice and she's beautiful. She's a 5 star for me.

Greg Sczebel - I would probably gonna use this cover one of these days. Nice voice and it suits the arrangement that he made. WOW WOW